Thursday, September 1, 2016

Beginning of the year!

What a great start of first grade we have had! The students have all been adjusting to their new lockers, friends and to their desks! If anyone were to ask me, "what is one of the most unexpected changes from moving from kindergarten to 1st grade?" it would have to be how many discussions about desks we have in a day.....I would have never believed it.  However, if you look at it developmentally, the concept of taking care of personal space is an important lesson, so we are taking the time to discuss it.

On Thursday, your child came home with their homework folder and inside it was the "Peek at the Week". This "peek" is a way to inform you and your child as to what to expect. Your job is to look at this sheet every night, review it with your child and then initial it. It is also a place for you to send little thoughts along the way. When homework starts, the homework column will give you the assignment for each night. As for now, your child's folder and the peek at the week need to come back everyday. Each week we will exchange for it a new week.

I am sure that your child has already shared their excitement about their senior buddies. It is an awesome connection with the seniors of the school and your child will get many chances to meet up with them throughout the year. Please look below to see the kids pairings. On Tuesday morning, the senior buddies will be taking the 1st graders to All School Chapel and sitting with them through the service. There were lots of big smiles on both young and old!

Not sure if you all saw the email about Homecoming T-shirts- however, if you hadn't, here is a link to the order form. It is a nice way to have your child feel school spirit on that special weekend!

Please remember that back to school night is on Thursday at 6:30!

At the bottom of this blog you will see pictures of all of the kids in your child's classroom. Have your child point out each child and say their name. It will be great practice for them and it will give you a face to attach to a name.


  1. What a great looking group of smiling first graders! I can tell they are ready for a year of learning and fun together.
    Hugs to you all, from Mrs. Preissing