Friday, September 23, 2016

Minnehaha Falls

We could have not asked for a more perfect 5 hours for our field trip to Minnehaha Falls. As we drove into the parking lot, the clouds parted, the sun rose....and we were on our way to an amazing day. Thanks to Mrs. Wright, the students got an experts view of the falls and all the surrounding area. The goal of the trip was to view the falls with scientific eyes. They were encouraged to feel, see, hear and smell the air. They then had an opportunity to draw their findings in their science journal. They saw so many wonderful things. Specifically, they saw a lot of Limestone, Shale and Sandstone. These are all examples of sedimentary rock.....which will be learning about in the upcoming week. I was going to put a few pictures of the trip into this blog...but there were so many wonderful pics....I decided to place it into a movie. Please enjoy this with your child and have them explain what the pictures reveal.


  1. What a fun field-trip! Thank you for sharing.